My approach

Together we can help you address…

* Difficult thoughts & feelings

* Stress

* Sleep issues

* Habits you want to build or break

* Lack of motivation or purpose

* Poor mood

Whether you are moving from a place of difficulty, pain or challenge, or you are looking to optimise your productivity and performance. 


Individualised & person-centred &


My aim is to get you where you need to be as quickly as possible. 

About me

I provide modern, evidence-based hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, and resilience and performance coaching.

My passion is helping people who feel lost, stuck or without meaning in their lives, to rediscover their joy, passion, and purpose.

I love to help clients, who might not ordinarily consider themselves a ‘therapy or coaching kind of person’, find a place where they can move forwards with their lives.  And hopefully enjoy and take pride in the process.


Free consultation

Free, confidential, completely no-obligation, telephone consultation. 

No hard selling, ever.  I guarantee that if I think you might be better served through another approach, or working with another coach or therapist, I will always discuss this with you openly. 

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your needs.

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07914 571 616


Start Your Journey To Somewhere Better Today

Stressed? Or

trouble sleeping?

Are you struggling with stress at work or in your home life?

Perhaps you are having trouble getting to sleep, or staying asleep? Or both? and this is a barrier to your life? 

Are these getting in the way of you leading or enjoying your life?

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Habits to be broken or built?

Is there something you want to give up?  Or do less?

Is now the time you finally give up smoking or vaping?  Eat better? Exercise more? Give up biting your nails or grinding your teeth?

Or maybe there is a new habit you would like to build to help you towards a richer or easier life?

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Performance and purpose

Is there something you want to do or achieve, and need help overcoming the obstacles that lie in your way?

Is there an athletic event you need help with? Or an exam or interview you are worried about?

Or perhaps you just generally feel your life lacks richness, meaning, or purpose?

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Client feedback


When I first started working with Chris I averaged about 4 to 5 hours sleep a night. Thanks to him I now have a normal sleep pattern and this has had a huge impact on all aspects of my life. I am incredibly grateful

- A. Engineer, Portsmouth

Help is at hand

I was really drawn to the mindful approach Chris uses. After only a couple of online coaching sessions I feel I have regained my confidence, am much happier in how I feel, and much more confident in my goals. In the beginning I was a sceptical about online coaching but now I highly recommend it.

- M. Personal Trainer, Brighton

 wasn’t too keen on the idea of attending therapy, but was interested in the group [approach].  It is helpful to know that everyone struggles sometimes, and I have learnt some very useful techniques I can use in all the areas of my life…

- A, IT Consultant, Brighton