• I am not a “life coach”…whatever the hell that is…
  • I understand you are sceptical – and so you should be…
  • I simply provide an evidence-based, scientific approach to therapy in a traditional 1-to-1 format, as well as in a group coaching format (both online and in real life)

If your inbox and social media feed is like mine, it’s no-doubt overflowing with grand promises, “one-simple trick” deals, nauseating toxic positivity, or completely nonsensical demands for you to “just push through“, “manifest“, “think like a millionaire/Navy SEAL etc. etc.” and engage in “extreme ownership“.

It’s all bullshit.

There, I said it. Let’s stop mincing our words. Let’s stop wasting our time.

I hate reading this stuff as much as you do. Honestly, I feel it’s a practice purely based on shaming and guilting people into buying their newest product. These kind of approaches lack an appreciation of the nuances integral to human behaviour. Does it work for a small amount of people? Maybe, sure, and if so, then good for them! But my guess is usually this is the case only if your challenge was so small to begin with that you would have been inspired by just about anything to find a way through. And I believe it’s intellectually dishonest to suggest this will work for most people without providing any real evidence to back this up. Which they can’t.

If this stuff really worked then all those motivation quotes that pop up on Facebook everyday would have already got you where you need to be. Now I love a good motivational quote as much as anyone, but let’s be honest about how useful they are on their own! Not much.

I’m 𝘯𝘰𝘵 interested in what works for a handful of isolated, anecdotal cases. I’m really not interested in that 1%. Now you might think “well, what’s the harm?“, and the answer might be nothing. But for the 99% for whom it doesn’t apply, it can dishearten and demotivate them. It removes hope, which is the exact opposite of what a good therapist or coach should do. And, whilst we’re being honest, let’s just admit that ‘self-help‘ is really bloody hard to implement successfully on your own. It’s really hard to be your own coach/therapist – I know, I’ve tried. But change is still entirely possible with the right tools, accountability and support system…

Here’s my deal: I am a real life, qualified, insured, and registered therapist. I offer supervision and coaching to trainee therapists, and I have had a real-life practice for the last 5 years. I provide training in person and online, as well as providing face-to-face and online group coaching. My work and practices are based on clinical evidence and research, and the work of experts in the field of psychotherapy and performance. I reference all my work so my clients can continue their studies without my help if they choose, and I am committed to transparency.

I also fully recognise that 1-to-1 therapy or coaching is a luxury that some people simply don’t have available to them. That was my driver to create something that was accessible, both in time, resources and content and this led to the development of our first online group coaching course – Men: Mood and Mind. This uses the exact same tools and techniques as our 1-to-1 therapy, we’ve just adjusted them to fit a group format. I want this stuff to reach as many people as possible.

So, if something in your life isn’t right, you’re unhappy and maybe you don’t know why. Or you know what’s wrong, but either don’t know how to address it, or you can’t find the motivation to do so, then send me a message.

Let me help you find a solution that works for you and your current situation and challenges.


Resilience Project

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