Happy new year to all my friends and supporters. I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and new year period.

2 years ago I made a post on New Year’s resolutions…I thought maybe it was time to revisit it.

The gist was that I felt that NY resolutions are frequently intrinsically flawed. We’re often led down a path of wanting to do something out of guilt or shame, often because we feel that everyone else is doing better than we are – they are smarter, fitter, thinner, more successful and make more money than we do. We’re often sold something about some magic method, some form of snake oil, that means we can actually and finally become as good, virtuous and successful as the people we see around us. If we just knew the secret system, then we too could have a super productive, super positive life.

Now, there’s nothing fundamentally incorrect with making changes at this time of the year. New Year is a good milestone to take stock, to take a baseline and redefine where we need to navigate towards for the year ahead. We’ve often had a few days to stop, slow down and relax and that can give us a good sense of perspective too.