My Approach and Methods

What issues can I help you with?

  • Anxiety and worries
  • Low mood and motivation

  • Existing habits you want to change

  • New habits you want to build

  • Dealing with stress at work, home or anywhere else

  • Sleep issues and insomnia

  • Athletic and work/study performance 

What we’ll do together

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ in effective therapy.  We’ll work together to address the issues and barriers you are experiencing in your life – including: 

Mood – Motivation – Meaning – Habits – Stress – Sleep.

I use a combination of evidence-based hypnotherapy, mindfulness-based approaches, cognitive behavioural therapies and stress management. All science-based without the woo-woo.

My passion is for helping people overcome those mood and motivation issues, and habits that are stopping them from leading the life they truly want.

I hope to bring down some of the barriers to participation in therapy and coaching, and therefore encourage people, who might not usually come to therapy to make the changes they need.

Mine is a collaborative and open approach, focussing on building a strong therapeutic alliance and teamwork to get you where you need to be.

This is a ‘skills-based’ approach – which means that you, as the client, are the most important factor in this process, and that your participation and practice are central to you achieving your goals.  I liken this to being a personal trainer for your mind – the more ‘reps’ you can put in, the quicker we will get there.

I draw heavily on values-based goal setting, problem solving therapy, stress inoculation, and behavioural and mindfulness-based approaches. These approaches can be strengthened and accelerated through the use of focussed attention, rehearsal, and relaxation that are provided through hypnosis.

Some clients prefer to stay in the ‘here and now’, addressing the issues that are impacting their lives immediately and right now.  There is rarely any need to go into the past or undertake any ’emotional archaeology’.  Other clients may want to discuss what happened to them in the past, and that is fine too – here we will consider what lingers from these previous experiences and help you to ‘tell the rest of this story’. 

My ultimate goal is to provide you with the tools you need to navigate, not only your current challenge, but also any future challenge – or to help you become your own therapist.




My methods and influences

My main approach is centred around cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy – this is a ‘non-state’ based approach to hypnosis coupled with cognitive behavioural therapy (or CBT).  We don’t work on a trance-based approach to hypnosis, rather the scientific evidence appears to support hypnosis as a method by which we can calm and guide, marshal, or direct the attention to a single focus.  When the attention is focussed in this way – we find it is far more receptive to enabling the changes we want to make.

Both Hypnosis and CBT are considered short-term therapies, usually taking between 4 and 12 sessions to bring about the changes we want to make. 

In order to enhance my knowledge of both hypnosis and CBT, I have undertaken extensive training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or ACT, which is a particular form of cognitive behavioural therapy) and mindfulness.  ACT uses the various components of mindfulness in order to allow us to distance and observe our thoughts and feelings, without getting so caught up in them, which then allows us to make decisions and changes in our actions and behaviours to lead us towards more rich, meaningful and purposeful living.

I have also spent considerable time and training, studying the integrated Constructive Narrative and Stress Inoculation Training approaches to psychotherapy under one of the fathers of CBT, Dr Donald Meichenbaum.  I have had the pleasure and honour of working alongside Don as an assistant, editor and producer of his Essence of Psychotherapy training programme.  This approach emphasises the importance of understanding the stories we tell ourselves about our own lives, and then learning the skills necessary to then write the next chapter of the stories of our lives.  



Face-to-face therapy and coaching available at several clinics in Brighton and Hove.

Online therapy, coaching and training also available.



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