So happy to announce that our first online Men: Mood and Mind course kicked off on Thursday the 14th of October with our highly motivated and engaged participants.

We started off exploring the familiar and consistent challenges that we have all faced and the resulting impact on our mood, motivation and sense of meaning in our lives, as well as a discussion of the previous, and often inadequate, approaches to coping we are often sold.

We then turned our attention to the nature of our sticky, intrusive and difficult thoughts and begun to explore how different approaches to cognitive defusion (to de-fuse, detach and create distance) can rapidly help as a first port of call. Before ending with an introduction to values identification which we will continue to explore next week. Weekly assignments were then agreed and we are already gearing up for next week!

We have already received some great feedback and interest from the community for the next round of the course. Based on this feedback, we’re now looking to run the course as a series of lunchtime session to accommodate those who cannot attend an evening session. If you are interested in this, please get in touch to arrange your free, and no-obligation telephone consultation: