We can, of course, help you in the event of a crisis, a particularly difficult event, or challenging period in your life. This is the essence of what chrispeople.com was set up to do.

But just what do we mean by a ‘preventative’ approach?

The Resilience Project UK intends to deliver the same skills and tools provided in therapy upfront, pre-emptively and before a challenging or crisis situation arises. We build the skills in psychological resilience before we need them.

We usually don’t go to the gym or mind our nutrition because we’re experiencing coronary heart disease right now. We don’t take lessons in self defence because we’re being attacked right now. We don’t take insurance on our homes, cars, lives and holidays because we can predict when something unexpected will happen. Because, of course we cant.

With these things, we all often take a “It’s better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it” approach. I have often wondered then why such a preventative approach is not more widely available for all our mental health? Well, one obvious answer of course is often cost and availability! Our NHS is so stretched it struggles to deal with anything other than the most serious of mental health issues. We all lead difficult lives and cost of living continues to rise. Its understandable then that people have to prioritise what’s essential right now.

That was the first half of the intention with The Resilience Project UK. Make evidence-based approaches available to people in an affordable and accessible way now, before the storm arises.

I’ve never wanted to guilt or scare anyone into action. Quite the opposite, so that’s definitely not the intention here. But when I created this page, I noted that of 500-odd contacts, 5 were no longer with us. 2 of these (both men) died by suicide. That was shocking. And I can’t help but wonder who else is suffering in silence. I’d really like to see no more of us lost because they felt there was no other way out, or nothing to live for.

And so, the other half of the intention for The Resilience Project UK, was to help people rediscover meaning and joy back into their lives. So many of us are surviving, getting by, and whilst we wouldn’t consider ourselves depressed, perhaps we still feel that something is missing. Perhaps lacking a sense of richness, meaning, joy or purpose. Well, we have strategies and tools to help you with that too.

Our definition of resilience is something along the lines of

the ability to find meaning, purpose, joy and richness in our lives despite the presence of adversity” and we would love to help as many people as possible do that before the storm arrives, so they are better prepared for the challenges we all face.

I’d love to hear from you if you think our approach is something that might benefit you.